PIMG - (Private Investment Management Group)

Most of our clients are best served by having their money managed on a discretionary basis. We feel this is the best investment management option because it enables us to manage portfolios as needed and frees our clients up so they can spend their time doing the things they enjoy doing rather than having to be focused on the day-to-day decision making required in their portfolios.

At HugganWhite Wealth Management, we construct a diversified portfolio for each client based on their unique objectives and risk tolerance. While our primary consideration is the specific circumstances of each client, our investment process is the same for each client. Portfolios are managed using a disciplined approach to investment management, focusing on both protecting and growing capital. Where cash-flow is desired as part of the wealth management plan, we design portfolios to generate as tax-efficient income as possible.

The foundation of our investment strategy is to ensure we are invested in the highest quality investments that meet our clients’ long-term needs. This includes equities of blue-chip, dividend growing companies and high-quality, fixed income investments.

We believe that active management can add value in the current market environment. As such, we take an active approach to the management of our portfolios. We use disciplined buy and sell approaches to maximize gains and minimize losses. We tactically manage the asset allocation of each portfolio to focus on preserving capital in times of market difficulties and growing capital while markets are strong.

While every client strategy is different, all are built on HugganWhite Wealth Management’s wealth management principles; a focus on wealth preservation and managing downside risk, the integration of asset allocation with tax and estate planning, a disciplined approach to investing, and the courage to embrace a contrarian perspective.

We constantly review, revise and rebalance your investment strategy and constantly follow up to ensure your goals are being met. The formalized part of this process is an in-person review which is conducted annually or more frequently if desired. During these reviews we ensure we are informed on your situation and any changes that may have taken place. We use this opportunity to review your strategic wealth plan and to ensure you are still on track to meet your goals.